CASA FWH Interactive

This is a lovely rustic apartment real-time visualization in South Tyrol, Italy.

We love attics and natural materials. That's why this project became so special for us.
This is an original apartment renovation design made by Italian architects from JAB Studio. Our studio took inspiration from their work and decided to showcase it in form of real-time visualization.

During the development, we've paid extra attention to details, light and a general mood of the space.
All coding, light and shaders setup, scene assembly were done in Unreal Engine 4. As input materials, we've used photos of existing space and section plans.

The functionality of the application is very simple. The user can walk around through the apartment and take a seat on various spots, like couches armchair and a bed. We are extremely proud for this project as it was showcased in Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel of Summer 2017. You can check the video together with some screenshots of the apartment together with the Unreal Engine Reel below.

In case you have some questions or just want to say hello - feel free to drop us a line.






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