Train station AR experience

The main project goal was to create an engaging experience for the launch of the new railway station in Jerusalem.

The idea was to present different aspects of Jerusalem and railways in a form of multiple interactive flip coins. On one side showcasing the old, historical heritage of Jerusalem and on the other side the innovative, present times.

How does it work?

People can download the app using QR code on the wall. There are 6 large AR markers installed at the hall of the railway station. Each of the markers trigger one interactive flip coin that tell the story about different aspects of the train station.

For example with the train flip coin you can read the story about the first train that arrived at the station and the train that is used now.

Wanna connect with people of Jerusalem in a more fun and digital way - grab a selfie and post it on the interactive wall on a railway station! The project was done for and with our Israel partner TzilumPirsum.

Feel free to check out the trailer of the experience below.

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