Who we are

A group of professionals, tech-loving artists, art-loving programmers, people passionate about their mission to impress.

We are an interactive visual design studio, located in a beautiful city of Lviv in the western Ukraine. We share a common passion for new technologies, especially VR and AR, and are fascinated by enormous opportunities they bring to the table. Our mission is to bring an unique experience of transforming your perception of the edge between your imagination and reality.

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What we do

TSUKAT studio specializes in design and development of VR/AR applications and interactive visual solutions for architects, designers and companies from various domains.

We do believe that it is better to experience once than to hear 100 times.

This is exactly what our focus is - to create applications that deliver your message to the world in the most elegant and clear way.
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CASA FWH Interactive

An interactive real-time architecture visualisation of a cozy rustic apartment in Vipiteno, South Tyrol.



How we do it

Each project and client are unique. We don't underestimate the value of communicating your vision and needs to our team so they can transform them into an elegant and efficient solution.

We bring game development production pipeline to your project. It means that in addition to the mind-blowing graphics you will get a smooth performance over all platforms as well. Our main development tools are Unreal Engine 4 for large and graphics-heavy projects and Unity3D for more simple solutions.